About tracey

Tracey Pontarelli is a holistic wellness and mindset coach, writer, entrepreneur, mom and wife. For 30+ years, Tracey has been involved in wellness, both as a fitness instructor and as a marketing and public relations professional working on health and wellness brands. 

When Tracey decided to leave her full-time corporate executive role to raise her three children, she faced an identity crisis. The shift from a successful career to a stay-at-home mom felt like a failure after years of hard work. Fortunately, discovering Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth changed her perspective. She embraced the idea that life is seasonal and non-linear, learning to live fully in each phase with presence and gratitude. This transformation inspired her to become a certified wellness coach and build several successful wellness businesses.

In midlife, Tracey has delved deeply into “inner work,” focusing on healing past traumas, shedding self-sabotaging beliefs, and practicing radical self-acceptance and self-love. Through her personal journey with plant medicine and other modalities, she has experienced profound internal shifts. Now, in addition to her coaching work, she also serves as a trip sitter, guiding others through their transformative journeys.

Tracey Pontarelli

Wellness is about so much more than diet and exercise. It’s how you talk to yourself, how you honor your own needs and practice self-care. It’s about the people you surround yourself with, the way you decide to spend your time and, ultimately, what you focus on that will have the greatest impact on your health and well-being. I’m here to help you on the journey.

Street cred…

Tracey received her wellness coaching certification from Wellcoaches and taken courses in gut, immune and functional health, and is a participant in the Somatic Psychedelic Facilitator program from The Embody Lab.  She received her group fitness certification from AFAA, and personal training cert from ISSA. She’s taken additional courses in spin, pilates and TRX and continues to train privately and in small groups. One of her favorite contributions to NYC was acting as a Lululemon ambassador, leading the run club for the Upper East Side for years. 

Tracey is also an accomplished marketing professional and offers a course for entrepreneurs looking to build an authentic social media marketing presence. 

Tracey is available for private coaching and speaking engagements. You can reach her by filling out this inquiry form or connecting on Instagram