Improve your Social Media with these simple tips
Improve your social media

Let’s talk about how you can get started on social media or if you’re on social media, how you can level up!

If you are new to the online business world, and you haven’t really been using social media as a platform to generate curiosity and conversation in your business, then this is a new skill you have to acquire. 


Cleaning up your social media feed on Facebook

Your Facebook Profile Picture

Update your profile picture. Think about your profile picture as the very first thing people will see when they visit your site. What does it say? It doesn’t have to be a professional picture, but it does need to be a really good picture of you. And only of you. No cats 😬

Take your time, don’t rush it. If you can’t get anybody to take a picture of you, you can always turn on your self-timer on your smartphone. Make sure it’s a good picture of yourself and remember to update it frequently. 

Your picture should be clear and only of you. Leave the cats and dogs out for this one. You are the brand! You can include your people and your dogs in the cover image. Think of your Facebook page as your storefront. People that meet you, will want to see what you’re about.

  • What’s your story? 
  • What are you about? 

So make sure that your picture is professional-looking (it doesn’t need to be a professional picture). 

Facebook Bio

Below your profile picture, you can add information about yourself. Many of you might want to mention your company information and website. Let me stop you right there. That is a rookie mistake. Nobody is going to order from your website link.

You want people to reach out to you. We call it curiosity marketing. Your website link or shopping link are not curiosity marketing. 

In this section, you will mention some of the things that you’re into or that you are, such as a mom, mindset coach, wellness enthusiast, love to sing, etc. Take advantage of this space. 

The Facebook 9-Grid

Another feature that many people don’t know about is the featured nine photos on the left side of your profile. You have the option to change and edit them. 

  • I always include a Tracy TV video on a topic 
  • Pictures of people I love, things that are interesting to me

You can go in and edit the featured pictures by going to your profile and changing these pictures out with any other pictures. You can even upload new ones. 

Again, make sure that you have a professional-looking profile picture, a fun about you bio (curiosity marketing), and a nine grid that reflects on who you are. Remember, this is your storefront! 


Facebook Don’ts

I am not a proponent for sharing links on Facebook, because it takes people away from your profile. 

  • Don’t share a YouTube video 
  • Don’t share a TikTok video 
  • Don’t share images or clips from Instagram 

Instead, download images from Instagram and upload them onto Facebook or share them from Instagram to Facebook, but don’t take people off of Facebook. 

Sharing on Facebook

You want to share things that are positive, not negative, and that is not political. You can share about social justice, human rights. That is not political. Political is political. 

My rule of thumb, whenever I post anything, is 

  • What do I want people to do?
  • What do I want people to think?
  • What do I want people to feel? 
  • How do I want them to act? 
  • What do I want the response to be? 
  • What is the intention of my post? 

If you didn’t get yourself into this mindset, everything is going to shift for you, because you will post with intention.
That will change everything. 

I see so many people randomly share stuff, without really any thought behind it. There’s no thought behind it, no explanation, no deeper meaning. By not posting with the right mindset, you’re not going to get back what you want, because you’re not putting the thought into putting it out there. 

Try to avoid the curiosity posts, where you do too much explaining of yourself. People don’t really read social media, they scan social media. 

Don’t add too much text

If you add in a lot of text and you don’t know why you’re adding it, you’ll lose people to other stuff. That wasn’t your main intention! The more information you put in your post that is not related to your audience, the lesser your chance of them actually doing what you’re inviting them to do.

A really good way to think about your social media content is to get consistent. If you follow your daily tasks, it’s not that hard to put out daily content, engage with people every day, and to respond to the people who have responded to you. Look at it as free advertising. Your Facebook is an unbelievably valuable platform when you take charge of it. Do not check your gauges and give up too soon. This is a practice that compounds over time. 

If you’re just starting to get consistent on social media, doing a ton of product posts, and nothing else in between, won’t get you anywhere. You want to add value. You want people to think that was interesting and you want people to relate to your post. Your goal is for people to really connect with you. Make sure you have a purpose behind every post!

Make your Facebook Profile public

One of the main things that I hear people say is, “well, I don’t want to have all of my stuff out there in the public.” I understand that and have some tips for you:

  1. Decide on what you want to post if you are using Facebook as a business platform. 
  2. Choose to make certain posts private, instead of making everything private and having to remember to make everything public. 

If you’re using Facebook as a storefront, and someone is not friends with you on Facebook, the only thing they see is the stuff you put public. And that will show only one side of who you are. I would encourage you to flip it and if you have something that you don’t want to be seen publicly, you make those posts private. 

Instagram Tips

The same privacy/ public tip applies to Instagram. People can find you based on the hashtags you use. If you are private, no one can find you. There’s no opportunity for new people to find you on that platform and that is a tragic waste. 

If you want to build more relationships on Instagram, you need to turn your account public and switch it into a business or creator account. 

Remember, the most valuable content is shareable content. It’s content that people will save and come back to later. Keep in mind that people love inspiring educational content.

Pictures of myself/ yourself are not shareable. Keep pictures of yourself for your stories. If you remember Instagram of the old days, we had to find gorgeous pictures of you looking thoughtful and saying something really deep and meaningful. Those days are over. 

Today you can use the app Repost and it allows you to share good content from other accounts. You can include pictures of yourself on Facebook because those are your friends. On Instagram, you’re trying to find new people. Why would they follow you if you only have pictures of yourself? They’re following you for inspiration, connection, and relatability.