Vision Board Workshop
Vision board workshop

What the heck is a vision board? And why do you need one? Quite simply, a vision board combines words, ideas, and images and this combination is super powerful for your subconscious brain and manifesting your desires. So, it’s time to get your vision board game going!

In today’s post, I want to walk you through some prompts. You can download the worksheet, here.

Before we get started I want to invite you to really expand your mindset and to let yourself get super creative. Think of this as a brainstorming session and there are no bad ideas. You can – and will – come back and fine-tune your ideas and decide what is going to end up on your vision board and what is just an idea for later.

vision board workshop


We always have goals. The beauty of our brains is that we’re always expanding, always looking for ways to grow and learn. 

1- Health

What are your goals when it comes to your health? This could do with anything from losing weight, getting stronger, eating better to reducing anxiety, meditating, self-care, self-love, etc.

2- Learning

Is there a new skill you want to learn? Is there something you want to take a course in? Is there a topic that you want to get more knowledge about? 

3- Career

What do you want in your career? Is there something specific in your career that you want? Do you want to change your career? Do you want to move up in your career? Do you want to retire? Do you want more flexibility?

4- Family and Friends 

This is a really broad area, so go ahead and dig into it. Do you want to start a family? Do you want to deepen your relationship with your family? Do you want to mend fences with your family? 

5- Priorities 

Deciding what’s most important is a super useful exercise. If we focus always on the things that matter the most, the things that don’t matter tend to fall away. So, focus on your priorities. 

6- Travel

What are your traveling goals? Any special vacations that you want to take, any special places that you want to visit? 

7- Home

Lastly, what are your goals when it comes to your home? This could be getting a new home, selling your home, redecorating, creating more peaceful spaces, etc.


Now, let’s dig into some questions. You will find some answers repeat themselves and that is totally fine because they will help you find the trends. 

  • What are you grateful for? 
  • What do you want more of in your life? 
  • What is a challenge you want to overcome? 
  • What do you want to do more this year?
  • What do you want to let go of? 
  • What do you want to do less of? 
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 
  • What is most important to you? 
  • What is a dream you have?
  • If money wasn’t an issue, how would you spend your day?
  • What are you working towards right now?
  • What are you passionate about and want to spend more time doing?
  • What do you think the world needs more of?

Okay, now that you have all your answers you can go back and start finding those recurring themes within your answers. Remember, this is an expansion exercise, so NO bad answers. 

If you haven’t done our Word of the Year Workshop, go back and do that. All of these exercises will give you a ton of this data and no excuses because you’ll have so much to put on your vision board. 

The Vision Board

Now that you have all of your data, you can create your vision board!

What does a vision board include?

  • A big theme. These are one or two words that are your guideposts for the year and that really help you drive in the right direction.
  • Words of inspiration. Different words, sayings, and quotes that keep you inspired and that tie in with your word(s) of the year.
  • Images. Images that match your goals, words, and ideas. 

Here are some free tools that you can use in creating your vision board:

  • My vision board template
  • Canva. Canva has ready-to-go templates for vision boards that you can customize however you want. You can also use Canva to find images or upload your own.
  • Unsplash. A great source of free and usable images from amazing photographers. 

Lastly, I just want to say – vision boards work! Believe in the power of your mind to create things. The only thing that will prevent magic from happening is you not believing in the power of your own magnetic magic. You can pull all of this stuff towards you, you can start to live your life by your design.

Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say. 





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