3 Books to Transform your Personal Power and Productivity
3 books to transform your personal power and productivity

Today I want to share three books with you that have really transformed the way I think about my own personal power and my productivity when it comes to all parts of my life; particularly as it relates to how I show up in my business.  


Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

The first book on my list is the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. I would suggest getting a hard copy and an audible copy of this one. If you have not listened to Brendon Bouchard, he’s one of the most inspirational speakers we have today. There’s so much in the book that I believe you’ll benefit from having a hard copy to take notes. So, both are beneficial in different ways. 

This book has nine declarations, statements of how to show up, what to focus on, and how to really live a fully intentional and joyful life. 

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Those nine declarations are:

  1. Meet life with full presence and power
  2. Reclaim your agenda
  3. Defeat your demons
  4. Advance with abandon 
  5. Practice joy and gratitude
  6. Do not break integrity
  7. Amplify love
  8. Inspire greatness
  9. Slow time 


This is a book that you can pick up over and over again. You do not have to read it in sequence. I read it in sequence the first time, but sometimes I just open it up to one of those declarations and read it again because that’s what I need at the moment.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (paperback)


Next is, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

If you’ve been in business for any period of time, you may have heard of the compound effect. This book is worth reading to really drill in the power of the compound effect in your life and in your business. 

The compound effect shows up everywhere, most often in your business. As a coach, the number one thing that I see people do not do, and that gets in the way of their success, is they don’t stay consistent for long enough. The reason they don’t stay consistent is 

  1. they take on more than they can handle or 
  2. they are outside of their comfort zone.


When something like this happens, you need to have a reserve to pull from, in the belief that your work is paying off. When you cannot see the results in front of you, you have to know and believe that your consistency will pay off. That’s the compound effect. And that is what this book shows you in so many different ways. It’s filled with amazing good tips on how to lock into that consistency that compounds.


Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Number three is a book that I just recently listened to and one that has really changed the game for me. It’s called Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

What I love about Benjamin Hardy writing this book is that the whole premise of Who Not How is if we start to look at everything we want to accomplish in our lives, and we start to think “who can help me accomplish this” versus “how am I going to get this done?”, all of a sudden we start to vastly expand what you are capable of accomplishing. 


There’s a great quote at the beginning of the book from Ronald Reagan: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Oftentimes we let our ego get in the way of figuring out how to make the biggest impact. Who Not How is all about how you can create a team of “whos” to create massive impact. The greatest case point in hand is that Benjamin Hardy wrote Dan Sullivan’s book. It is a book based on Dan Sullivan’s years and years of coaching, but the book is written by Benjamin because Dan is not a writer. 

This was a huge mindset shift for me because I was really someone who was always thinking about how I was going to get it done and was really just resistant to delegating. It was never an ego thing for me, but I had this notion that I should know how to do things before I delegate them to other people. But, all I really needed to do was start asking the question of “who” and start being open to the idea of “who”. This is a whole new and really important concept on how we grow our businesses.


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.





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