5 Questions to Magnetize your Business and Life
5 questions to magnetize your business and life

Today I’m sharing with you five questions to change your mindset, grow your business and improve your life. You can write these down, put them somewhere in the note section of your phone, and when you feel your energy out of alignment, go back to these questions and see if any of them apply.


1. How can I look at this differently? 

So often we get frustrated by our business and our progress. Someone didn’t call us back, one of our teammates decided to drop off, a customer was going to order and they didn’t. How can you look at this differently?

My number one tool is to always try to find the lesson or find the gift and reframe. Sometimes that’s harder to do but changing how you look at things is your responsibility.

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2. Is This Helpful? 

This applies to so many parts of your life.

Is the thought helpful? Is your activity helpful? Is it an income-generating activity? Is it an activity that brings you joy and purpose? Is it something that’s causing you comparison and making you feel badly about yourself? Is it helpful? 

Ask yourself one of these questions about both your thoughts and your activities.

3. Who Can Help Me?

I have really started to think about how I am outsourcing parts of my business and parts of my life that do not need to be done by me. Who can help me so that I have more time for the things that I really love? 

I get to decide how I spend my day and what I focus on. If there are activities and things inside that day that I really do not enjoy doing, that are not in my skill set, that are not a use of my gifts, it’s my responsibility to find someone else who can do those things, because what is not my gift is someone else’s gift. That’s the beauty of how beautifully different we all are. Sometimes we feel like we have to figure it all out by ourselves and we don’t. We would not be on this planet altogether, with all of our unique gifts at the same time, if we weren’t supposed to tap into each other and use what we call the collective genius.

If you’re struggling with this question, I highly suggest you read Who Not How by Dan Sullivan.


4. Am I Giving My Power Away? 

There are people in your life who you are giving your power to, but they do not deserve it.

No one gets your power. It is yours. Keep your power to yourself. 

There are people who will try to steal your power and it is your responsibility to not let them. Boundaries must be made in your life in order to live a life by your own design. If you are not creating boundaries and living your life according to your own plan, you’re living it according to someone else’s. 

People steal your power. Media steals your power, including social media; you can watch the news and feel very helpless, you can watch social media and feel like you’re not worthy because you see other people doing things that you feel like you should be doing.

It’s your life to live. You have to live it. Only you can decide to do that. So, own your power! 

5. What Is Sucking My Energy and Stealing My Joy? 

That can be people, activities, and sometimes just our thoughts.

We are in charge of our own energy reserves. Oftentimes that means saying “no” and deciding to step away from things. Saying “no” to some things allows you to say “yes” to the things that really matter. If things are stealing your joy and sucking your energy reserves, you do not have time or energy to make the magic that you want to make. So it’s really important to see 

  • what the activities are
  • who the people are
  • what the thoughts are 

that are sucking your energy and stealing your joy!


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.