Mother’s Day Gift Guide Part 2

Thanks to all of you for sending me your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas to add to Part 1 of my Mother’s Day Gift Guide – I love hearing from you! Let’s dig in. 

Digital Photo Frame

If you haven’t gotten a digital photo frame for your mom yet, it’s time. Thanks to my bff Lisa for reminding me of this wonderful gift! The best part of these photo frames is they update over the cloud and you can invite other family members to contribute to the album. We have one for every grandparent. We love the Aura frame. 

Ted Lasso Style Shortbread Cookies

For the Ted Lasso lovers – grab your mom some shortbread Scottish Fix. My friend Lauren bought me these delicious biscuits as a gift and I have fallen in love with the company. They reached out to let me know they have a special Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip shortbread just in time for Mother’s Day. 


Custom Life Story Book

Looking for a way to capture all of your mom’s best stories and memories? Get your mom Story Worth. Here’s how it works: each week, you can customize questions (Story Worth gives you a bunch of prompts). The recipient fills out one prompt per week, and at the end of the year you compile all of the stories with photos into a beautiful keepsake book. This has been my mom’s favorite gift of the past year, so much so that she’s shared it with a bunch of her girlfriends. Get $10 off your order here

Age-Reversing Patches

My mom’s second favorite gift from year? Stem cell patches. I heard about these patches from my friend Adrienne, and on a lark purchased some for my family for holiday gifts. The patches are showing promise in helping with stem cell function and repair and replenishing the peptide GHK-cu in the body, which helps replenish collagen and elastin. My mom swears they’ve helped her knee discomfort and my brother jokingly calls them his “Benjamin Buttons”. 

All-In-One Kitchen Appliance

If you have a mom who loves to cook, my friend Alexandra is obsessed with her Thermonix, a crazy all-in-one mixing and cooking appliance. I haven’t tried it yet because it’s a steep price tag, but it’s definitely worth it because this thing can chop, mix, blend, weigh, grind, sauté, steam, and more. 


Positive Affirmation Socks

I can’t believe I forgot about these in my first post! “Notes to Self” has the cutest array of socks with messages like “I Am A Great Mom”, “I Am A Blessing”, “The World Needs Me”, “My Dog Loves Me” … and so many more. My sister Deb gave them to me for xmas one year, and I have given them to at least 6 of my friends as gifts. The are adorable!


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xo Tracey

P.S. I never post about something without genuinely loving it, and where appropriate, I have affiliate links.



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