Ninja Tips to create more magnetic content
creating magnetic content

Today is all about going from macro to micro. From a marketing perspective, this is about repurposing content and making more out of the stuff you’re already doing. 

For example, I record my podcast episodes on Zoom and send the audio file to my amazing podcast team. They transcribe it and turn that transcription into a blog post and an email. Next, they turn a couple of video clips into videograms that I can use on social media. They extract quotes that I have said in the podcast and make social media content out of it. From that one podcast recording, they create a whole bunch of stuff. My video goes to my assistant Megan who uploads that to my YouTube channel. Now we’re starting to do Pinterest. So, that’s seven different things from one piece of content.

And the good news: you can do this with anything!


Invest, learn, teach

I’m always sharing something I just learned. Whether it’s from a podcast, a TED talk, a book, or a YouTube video.  

So, next time you’re consuming some type of content, take notes. That’s going to be your macro content. You’re going to watch it, you’re going to take notes, you’re going to learn it, and then you’re going to figure out how you can teach it to other people. This is adding value. This is why people are going to know, like, and trust you. You don’t need to be the expert, you need to be the provider of value. People just want resources. 

Let’s say you listen to a podcast and take notes and turn around and do a live video about what you learned. Next, you turn that into a couple of reels. You can also take some of the quotes and make graphics in Canva or make a carousel. 

Ninja Tips to create more magnetic content

Pick a Topic You are Super Passionate About

The other way that you can do this is by picking a topic you are super passionate about. Here are some ways you can think about this. For example:

You can take these ideas and turn them into live videos, reels, quotes, etc. You can take the same idea and use it over and over again. The mistake that we make is that we invest a lot of time in one piece of content and then we don’t think about how we could take that content and use it on another medium, in a different format, such as a live video, a reel, a static post, a carousel, and stories.

Integrating Other People’s Content

You can use other people’s content and obviously you want to give them credit. Don’t steal people’s stuff and pretend it’s yours! That’s not going to feel good and it probably won’t sound like you because it’s not. 

I use a free app called Repost and whenever I see content that I like, I just copy the link and put it in the Repost app. 

Now, I don’t get on social media to just aimlessly scroll. I’m looking to proactively reach out and comment, but I’m also looking for things to save for later. I put those all into my Repost app and then every once in a while, if I’m a little stuck on content, I’ll either repost it exactly, give them credit, and then add my two cents/perspective on whatever that content is and why it resonated with me. Or I take it, go into Canva and I turn it into my version. 

Remember, leaders are repeaters! You want to make sure you get your message across to people so repeat those key messages you want people to know and do it in a number of different ways.


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.