3 Ninja tips for finding and creating magnetic social media content
3 ninja tips for finding and creating magnetic social media content

One of the topics I can always geek out on is how to create and find great content. Today, I’m going to give you some of my ninja tips that will help you. All of this is going to be inside my Magnetic Marketing Academy, so if this resonates with you make sure you hop on that.


The Key to Content is Value 

First thing is to get clear on your brand pillars and the kinds of things you want to talk about on social media. Once you do that, once you have a lens through which to see things, deciding what content is going to go on your feed becomes so much easier. 

Abandon the idea that you need to come up with original thoughts. It’s really not true. There is value in sharing insights instead of original thoughts. I just want you to abandon that idea because really, the rest of us don’t care if you came up with the quote yourself. We care if the quote resonates with us. I don’t care if you create it yourself or you found it somewhere else. I care if it’s valuable to me. The key to content is value. Valuable content means it’s entertaining, it’s educational, it’s inspiring, it’s amusing. Value also comes in many forms. It just needs to add to my life. Again, the first step is making sure you know what you want to talk about on social media. I know that’s challenging, but I have a lot of free resources and an entire Magnetic Marketing course that will launch soon. It will walk you through all of this stuff. 

3 Ninja tips for finding and creating magnetic social media content_p

How to Find Quality Content

So, how do you actually find good content?

Here are some tips:

1) Always be on the lookout for good content. Always! Instead of being a consumer on social media, be a collector. I have a couple of influencers and amazing, inspiring people that I follow on social media, and I always check to see if there’s anything there that I want to save for later. I use an app called Repost and I just copy the link and paste it into repost and it’s all there in a little file. I can either save that to my album or I can immediately post it. As I’m on social media and I’m reaching out to people I admire and making connections with potential customers or people who want to take my course, I am always looking for content that I can save in my Repost app.

I also deliberately go to the accounts that I love. Some accounts that I love are Marie Forleo, Third Eye Thoughts, Brendon Burchard, and Mel Robbins. I’ll check on their content every now and then to see if there’s anything I want to put in the file for later. I’m always looking to build a little “swipe file”.  

2) Check out hashtags. If you’re using hashtags, and you haven’t seen what’s on the other side of those hashtags, in terms of content, this is a very useful exercise. Sometimes you think your hashtag makes sense for attracting your potential prospect, but it turns out that it’s not what you were thinking about at all.

One of the tools I love to use is called Dollar Eighty. It is a platform you can connect to your Instagram and it allows you to efficiently go through some hashtags, and connect with people who are on those hashtags.

3) Invest, learn, teach. So, you’re going to invest the time into learning something, and then you’re going to teach what you learned to other people. I just did one of these this past week. I listened to an amazing podcast about the importance of muscle and how difficult it becomes for women to build muscle after a certain age. I loved this podcast and I totally geeked out on it. I took tons of notes and then I went live on Facebook, and I shared all that content. I took that live and turned it into a story flow because I wanted to recommend one of the products in my wellness shop that helps build lean body muscle.

That story flow went onto Instagram, and it went into my highlights on Instagram and it went into Facebook stories. Then I wrote it up in my health email to my email list and it is sitting in the queue. So, in about six weeks from now, my Repurposing content is key. If you are only posting an idea once and then it dies it’s a lost opportunity.

Leaders are repeaters! So, repurpose your content. Go back and repost some of your old best-performing content or take a quote and say it in a reel. Invest, learn, and teach because it adds value and builds trust, and that’s all part of building influence.


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.





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