5 Things to Stop Doing To Grow Faster and Live a More Fulfilling Life
5 things to stop doing to grow faster and live a more fulfilling life

Usually, whatever applies to our business applies to our life. So, today I want to bring to you

5 things to stop doing if you want to grow faster in your business and live a more fulfilling life at the same time. 


1) Stop trying to do it alone

We are social creatures. We are all on this planet together because we all bring something unique and wonderful to the table. When we can tap into the collective genius, we’re able to get more done. So, if you want to go far, you need to find your squad, lean into collective genius and start to delegate things that are not your core strengths and passions. You will get a lot more done when you lean into other people and understand that we each have our own zones of genius and trying to step out of your zone of genius and do everything, just slows you down. 

This doesn’t just apply to your business, it applies to your life as well. If you can outsource work to other people, do it. I get it that it is not always easy. While I was growing up, my mom worked three jobs and I worked as soon as I could. I had a scarcity money mindset from a very early age and a feeling that my worth was attached to how much I could personally get done. But, you’re not getting an award at the end of your life for running yourself into the ground more than the rest of the people. We are here to find our joy, to step into our greatness, to do the things we’re really good at that get us excited and bring us satisfaction. That’s what we’re really supposed to be doing. So when you look at your work through that lens, things get a lot clearer. 

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2) Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Lean into systems and tools that already exist. If you’re a social seller, this is the beauty of partnering with a company that has really good systems, because there’s no need to recreate that. I watch people do this all the time – they’ll make a new video of the great video because they want their face on it. Sure, you can do it but it’s going to slow you down. It’s also going to slow your team down because everyone will think that they have to recreate the wheel because you recreated the wheel. 

Here are a couple of good examples:

  • Use a platform to plan your social media content. There are a couple of them out there. I’ve been using Planoly, and I’m exploring Plann. I spend some time scheduling my content, and the platform does the rest.  You could also create your own folder and time label everything and have it all on your hard drive or on your phone.
  • Use a customer relationship management software. You can either create your own spreadsheet and or you could look into some of the many options that are out there for your industry that are built to help you automate that process. 
  • Use a software for your email marketing. I use Constant Contact. I’ve got a nurture sequence and I’ve got six months worth of health topics scheduled.


These are the things you can either do the hard way or you can do it the way somebody else already came up with for you. So, start to think about what exists that you can use.


3) Stop Trying to Please Everyone

This one was tricky for me because I had a hard time seeing what really made me happy vs what made me feel good because I was making other people happy. 

I just helped our team create a ton of social media content, and I’m so glad I did it. Because it was a way for me to feel like I was in service and taking my skills and sharing them with the greater team is one of my love languages. If I learn something, I need to share it with people. I’m so grateful that I did that, and after that was done, I could tell that it was time for me to pull back a little and make sure I didn’t get into a habit of saying “yes” to everything and become a martyr instead of acting in service.

I hope this resonates with you. Stop trying to please people. You cannot make everyone happy and if you’re trying to make everyone happy, you know who’s going to be miserable? You.


4) Stop Feeling Like You Need to Do It All

Moms, I am talking to you. There are so many ways that we can feel like we’re falling short as women, and we don’t need any more reasons. I want to tell you right now you’re doing a great job. It’s never all done. There is no such thing as all done. I’m a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks, and the way that Abraham describes it is: “The world is always expanding. The minute we finish one thing, there’s another thing to learn, to do, to experience.”  We’re never done. The list is never done. Thinking you’re gonna get it all done is a fallacy that just puts you into a scarcity mentality because you never feel like you’re enough. 

Decide that what you are doing is enough and when you are ready to do more, whether it’s in your business or in your life, do it. I’m not a fan of that “how you do anything is how you do everything” mantra. Things that are not a priority for you, do not need to be done. You get to live your life according to your own priorities. So, if it’s not a priority for you, it’s not a priority for you.


5) Stop Fighting with Yourself

This is a big one. We doubt ourselves. We beat ourselves up. The truth is we would never talk to someone we love the way we talk to ourselves sometimes.

You are here on this planet for a short period of time and being unkind to yourself is not a good use of your time. It’s sucking up your energy and your brainpower and your time that you could be using doing other things. The time you’re spending fighting with yourself, you could use to do some work. So, get out of the fight and get into action mode.


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.