S1:E6 | How To Create Personal Brand Pillars
MMMS 6 | Personal Brand Pillars

Ready to talk about creating your very own Personal Brand Pillars?

Are you asking “what the heck are Personal Brand Pillars?”

Visualize with me for a sec.

Imagine that your personal brand is a sandbox.

– All of the favorite toys that you put into your sandbox must also be toys that are really relevant to your playmate in the sandbox. Your playmate is your dream avatar.

– The toys are the brand pillars and your content are basically playing the game.

Your brand pillars are games you are playing in the sandbox and your content is the rules of the game. As always, we will be doing a little exercise in this episode. I will ask you to think of three to five brand pillars. For example, Priorities, Mindset, Self-care, etc.

In today’s episode of the Magnetic Marketing and Mindset Show, I am going to show you how you create personal brand pillars.

I also discuss the fact that it’s ok NOT to be perfect when you start something and that it’s OK to change along the way. Because guess what, your brand can evolve with you. It’s okay to evolve, to pivot, and refine.

Assume that this stuff is never done because you are always getting better! Listen to this episode to learn how to create personal brand pillars.

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How To Create Personal Brand Pillars

We’re here to talk about useful practical marketing and mindset tips for online entrepreneurs and social sellers. In this episode, we’re talking about brand pillars. I will sound like a bit of a broken record, but if you haven’t gone back and read the last three episodes, I would encourage you to do so. They’re short and sweet. They’re filled with information and useful tips. I’ve brought you through a lot of my framework for helping my own clients and team build stronger personal brands. Go ahead and read those. There are worksheets and lots of goodies for you in there.

Here’s what this is going to do for you guys. Imagine that this is your sandbox that you get to play in. You’re going to put all your toys in your sandbox, you have to stay in the sandbox, and they have to be relevant to the other person that’s playing in the sandbox with you. You’ve got your target dream avatar in the sandbox with you, you’re engaging with the avatar, and it’s got to relate to that person.

We’ve talked about this a lot. Go back and read. We have done the work and created a narrowed-down number of topics that relate to both you and your personal passions, strengths, and your target audience. It’s very narrowly defined and their passions, interests, and desires. You’re pairing up those two. If you’re reading, you have to imagine. Create two circles with each hand.

Go make little circles as if you were covering your eyes and then overlap them. The spot in the middle is the overlap or the intersection. That’s where the personal brand magic happens. Within here, how do we create a brand pillar? While I’m talking to you guys, I’m going to pop up my own and I also want to encourage you to start imperfectly on this.

That will be a whole different episode, Starting Imperfectly. Too many times, people wait around to get everything perfect before they get started and all you’re wasting is your time and your opportunity to learn. Get out there and do this. You can change your bio and delete things that don’t work. It’s fine. Go ahead and get started. I will tell you that my own brand online has changed and evolved over the years.

MMMS 6 | Personal Brand Pillars
Personal Brand Pillars: Too many times, people wait around to get everything perfect before they get started. You’re wasting your time and your opportunity to learn, so get out there and just do it

I’ll give you an example. It was very broadly defined when I first got on social media because I wasn’t doing social selling. I was then doing social selling and trying to figure out I had no really good coaching. I then learned, I took courses, and I got better. Now I’m teaching you guys. By way of background, I’ll tell you I am a wellness coach, a personal trainer, and I’m a runner. I’ve done a lot of running in the past.

It was periods of my professional career where I was, for example, the run coach for Lululemon on the Upper East side. I ran a couple of marathons and my kids were little. During that phase of my life, there were different things that I highlighted on my social media feed. Now, I am focused on trying to help you, the social seller, network marketer, real estate agent, and online entrepreneur, get better at your personal branding.

This is where and how I want to serve at this point in my life so this can evolve for you. It’s okay to evolve, pivot, and refine. I want you to go ahead and get started on this. You can go back, edit, tweak, and hone it in. Assume that this stuff is never done because you are getting better. You can change this anytime you want. I want you to let go of the story that you have to be perfect. If that was all you got from our show, I’d be happy.

Let’s move on. I’m going to read you my brand pillar description. I’m going to give you my pillars and then I’m going to talk you through yours. Mine is, I am a multiple six-figure online wellness entrepreneur mama teaching stressed-out network marketers and solopreneurs how to rock magnetic personal brand marketing and build attraction marketing mindsets.

MMMS 6 | Personal Brand Pillars
Personal Brand Pillars: I am a multiple six-figure online wellness entrepreneur mama teaching stressed-out network marketers and solopreneurs how to rock magnetic personal brand marketing and build attraction marketing mindsets.

Let me tell you all that’s in there. This took a couple of drafts. I tell you I’m a multiple-six-figure online wellness entrepreneur for a couple of reasons. I want you to know that I know what I’m doing. I am speaking from experience where I was where you were. I was a mom and a personal trainer that joined social selling and had to figure this out. I’ve built, over time, a successful business and I want to help you do it, too.

That’s me telling you my experience so that you know you can trust me. I’m also a mama. I want you to know I’m an entrepreneur mama. A mompreneur. I don’t use the term mompreneur but entrepreneur mama. My target is stressed-out network marketers and solopreneurs. That’s my target, broadly speaking. I’ve got a much more narrow description of the gal that I’m talking to.

I’m teaching them magnetic personal brand marketing. Magnetic comes from my belief in the Law of Attraction and the idea that what we put out, we get back all the time, no exceptions, and my brand background. I bring those two together, my wellness background understanding mindsets and my background in marketing, and then that attraction marketing mindset.

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If you are an online entrepreneur dealing with your own mindset comparison and doubt, that is something we all need to continue to work on and strengthen. That’s where I built that all. That took time. I wrote that down, I tightened it up, I cleaned it up, I added words, I took out words, and I tweaked it. If you go look at my Instagram bio and Facebook profile, it will say a variation of this.

This is my internal brand marketing statement. How that shows up on different social media feeds varies by platform. We’ll talk about those platforms on this show so don’t get stressed out about that. I want you to get this piece done first. Often, we jump into, “I need more content for social media. No one is commenting on my stuff.” I then go look at the stuff and it has no purpose. This is your opportunity to create some purpose.

The next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to create the brand pillars. Let’s say you had games you were playing in the sandbox. These are your games and then the content would be the rules of the game. I want you to think of 3 to 5 brand pillars. No more than 5, no less than 3, and within these pillars will also be within your business. It will be sitting somewhere on these pillars.

I’ll show you where my social retail business sits. These are my five pillars. One is Priorities. Priorities is a pillar, and I believe this. I’ve said this to you before. I’m a busy mom with a lot of interests. I do this business because I love it. I also very much want to have a life and be present for my friends and my family.

You can totally steal my pillars. You have permission to steal it. Priorities is number 1 and Mindset is number 2. I believe in a growth mindset, personal development, and the Law of Attraction. There are lots of things in the mindset. I could go onto mindset for a while, which is a sign that it’s a great pillar for me and also for my target.

Number three is Self-care. Managing stress, the comparison mindset, and my meditation and mindfulness practice, which is key. In here is my wellness business. It sits inside exercise, diet, sleep, and daily habits. It’s all sitting inside self-care. My products are sitting inside self-care, then I’ve got community. I really believe that authentic, great female friendships are the key to life. Healthy boundaries and relationships are the keys to your overall happiness. That’s all inside community.

MMMS 6 | Personal Brand Pillars
Personal Brand Pillars: Authentic female friendships are the key to life, and healthy boundaries and relationships are keys to your overall happiness.

My fifth one is Personal Branding and Magnetic Mindset. That’s where a lot of this stuff falls into and where I can geek out. These are all topics that if you ask me about, my eyes light up and I will go off about these topics. These are my five pillars. In there, I brainstorm other topics like, “What things could I talk about here?” That becomes my pillars.

Here’s the thing. Once you start to do this, this becomes the way you find, source, and produce your content. If it doesn’t fall in here, it doesn’t belong on your social media feeds. Maybe in your Stories so you can say it in your Stories. It’s interesting. This is my personal opinion. I would never talk about politics on social media.

Will I talk about issues that I feel strongly about when they’re broad social justice issues? Yeah, I will, but it is the exception versus the rule because I believe that it’s a polarizing subject and people have a right to their own opinions. I don’t believe in shaming people on social media. I stay away from those topics. I think if someone saw me get really fired up about a highly charged political topic, that would be very incongruent for me on social media. People will be like, “What’s going on?”

Now, it could create a lot of conversation, but I’m sure it would piss off as many people as it would please. That’s not my intention. I want to help people succeed and grow. I don’t want to be a part of any more negativity and drama on social media. That’s my personal belief system. It would be super incongruent of me to go talk about that.

I see people post about things that are super random and don’t have anything to do with anything. That’s also incongruent. I want you to think about your social media feed. Your friends who follow you know you. What you’re trying to do is grow and attract your community. Start to look at your social media feed through the lens, if someone found my page, my Facebook page, my Instagram Feed, my TikTok, or whatever you’re on, they were like, “Let me look at Tracy. What is she about?” Would they be able to tell or would it be very confusing? If it’s confusing, that’s when you want to start to make some adjustments.

That’s your personal branding pillar assignment. I hope that’s super useful. I’m so excited to see what you guys come back with. If you could go back and leave a review on the show, I would love that. I really appreciate it. I’d love for you to get in touch with me on social and let me know what you’re coming up with. I want to hear it. Leave a review and let me know what you’re coming up with. We’ll learn a lot from each other on this journey.

Even if you do this and say, “I’m going to create something and I’m going to play with it. I’m going to stay in my sandbox for the next 90 days.” I guess the next question is, how do you find content? Let’s make that the topic of the next episode. We’ll talk about how to find content and how to find good content. Guys, I appreciate you so much. Have an amazing week and I will talk to you next time. Take care, everybody. Bye.



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