Personal Branding – Part Two: Your Dream Avatar
MMMS 4 | Personal Branding

This is part two of personal branding. In today’s episode of the Magnetic Marketing and Mindset Show, I am focusing on how you can hone in on your dream avatar.

Your personal brand is who you are as a person. So, what is it about you as a person that people can connect with and build that know-like-trust factor? Personal branding is a whole exercise, and how to start to uncover the magic that is you in your own personal brand.

Tune in to hear how you can create your dream avatar. Here are some questions you can start with:

  • Name, age, gender
  • Relationship status, family details (single/married, do they have kids, etc.)
  • Current income and occupation
  • Where are they from


You can get the full list of questions on the blog [link].

Listen to this episode to learn how you can really hone in and get really specific on your target, aka dream avatar.

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As always, please feel free to email me your dream avatar results. I’d love to hear from you and get some feedback!

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Personal Branding – Part Two: Your Dream Avatar

We are digging into personal branding. We are in part two. Last time, if you haven’t read it, please go back because it’s super important. It’s a whole exercise on how to start to uncover the magic that is you in your own personal brand. There’s a whole worksheet on that. Now, we’re going to dig into your dream avatar.

Here is where I get a lot of resistance from a team and other entrepreneurs about honing in on a target for your product services. This goes back to my days in public relations and brand marketing. I will tell you we never started to come up with creative ideas around anything until we had a clear understanding of exactly who we were trying to reach.

Sometimes, it will feel a little silly that you’re getting so specific, but I want to back up and talk a little bit about the Laws of Attraction. I always will bring the Law of Attraction into my work because it is a missing piece that we do not tune into the energy around our activities and the energy around the people that we’re trying to attract.

When you get super specific about a target, you’re telling the universe, “Look for someone like this,” and our subconscious brain works in a very interesting way. When you start to filter and get specific, our brains operate like a Google filter. There’s a part of our brain that’s called the reticular activating system, and it acts like a Google filter. It starts to sift through looking for what we’ve asked for. The more specific we get, everything in our life starts to filter, and start to look for the person that has the energy and vibe that we are looking for that we want to help. It’s super important.

It does not mean that if you named her Sally, and she’s 35 years old, and Jenny comes along and she’s 40, you say, “I can’t help her because her name’s not Sally and she’s not from Cincinnati.” That’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying get specific so that your brain has something to focus on and the universe can conspire to help you make that happen. Let’s get to work.

I’ve got another worksheet here. I’m going to run you through it and grab your notebook. This is fun. Don’t get stressed about it, just have fun with it. You can go back to this and dig in even more. The first thing I want you to do is to get specific on your target. Let’s call her Sally, the avatar. I want you to give her a name. I want you to give her an age. I’m saying her, but you could say he, she, or how they identify. What’s their relationship status? Are they married or single? Do they have kids? What are the specifics of their family dynamics? What is their current income? What’s their occupation? Where are they from?

MMMS 4 | Personal Branding
Personal Branding: Get really specific on your target.


If you are in network marketing, you’ll want probably two different avatars potentially. They could be the same or different. There might be one that you’re targeting for your products and another one that’s a little bit different from what you’re targeting for your business as a partner. I live in New York City. A lot of my customers who love some of my health products are my age and dealing with my own similar health journey.

I’m looking for people that want to build a business. A lot of my customers have no interest in building a business, but they want their skin to look better. Does that make sense? There could be some overlap, but they’ll probably be different. My avatars for this show are frustrated entrepreneurs that want to level up their personal branding and get more success in their marketing efforts. That’s very specific. I have even more specific, but we won’t get into that right now. This is about your avatar.

Let’s go into some questions. What do they read, watch, and who do they follow? Dig into that. What are they reading? What are they watching? Who are they following on social media? Who are their favorite authors and experts? Play with this and have fun. Imagine your dream avatar. Who are they listening to? What are their favorite foods? What do they do in their free time? What are their guilty pleasures? What do they like to do?

MMMS 4 | Personal Branding
Personal Branding: What do they read, watch, and who do they follow? Dig into that.


If you read the previous episode, I told you Ted Lasso is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s also therapy. Everyone should be watching the show, Ted Lasso. I should be getting a kickback from the network. Who do they admire? Who are their heroes? What are they looking for more of? This goes to the pain point. Something is missing. My customer avatar is looking for more health and wellness. They’re looking for more skin health and joint health.

What are their values? What do they value? What are their key pain points? What keeps them up at night? What are they worried about? What’s stressing them out? What are their biggest dreams? The last question is what they wish they could have more, fill in the blank. Again, this is your ideal person. Imagine them.

You can go back and listen to those. I’ve got the worksheet. After you flush that out, you’re going to do the same thing that we did for your personal branding exercise. You’re going to start to look for themes and pull out the highlights. You’re going to try to build a little profile of Sally, the dream avatar. You can even create a little paragraph about her and then highlight some key points. This is going to be super important.

Once you know who you are and who you're trying to reach, start to look for the overlap between who you are and who your avatar is. Therein lies the magic. Click To Tweet

When you do this exercise, I find that it will guide everything else you do in your marketing activities. Once you know who you are and who you’re trying to reach, you start to look for the overlap between who you are and who your avatar is, and therein between those two is the magic. I’m giving you some gold right here. That’s where the real authentic connection happens. Without going through this discovery process, you wake up in the morning and think, “What am I going to post? I’ve got to find something.” I want us all to get off of that hamster wheel because it’s no fun, and it feels weird and you’re like, “Does it work? I don’t know, maybe.”

MMMS 4 | Personal Branding
Personal Branding: The more specific you get, the more successful you’ll be. Trust the process.


This is part two, so go through the worksheet and dig in more. I cannot wait to go into this with you. I would love to hear about your avatars. If you want to reach out to me on Instagram, it’s @CoachTracey_P. Send me a message. This will be fun, and we can dig into these more as we go along. The more specific you get, the more successful you’re going to be. Trust this process. In the meantime, I want you to remember that you have amazing gifts and you are magnetic. I cannot wait to see what you do next. Have an amazing week. I’ll see you the next time.


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