The Power of Consistency
power of consistency

The other day I was on a big Zoom call with the leader of my team. We are building out some social media content for our organization and as someone who has a background in marketing, I’ve been able to play a really big role in helping create this content for the team. During this call, I was asked to talk to the team about how to use the content and what it is meant for. 

As I started to dig into my notes, it really all came down to one thing – consistency. Helping our team with content allows them to be more consistent.

Consistency Compounds  

Consistency is one of those habits that doesn’t show up right away. Consistency only shows up over time. 

Often, we give up before the compound effect of consistency starts to show up. I’ve noticed in my career that the number one thing that has helped me have so much success is me showing up. 

I show up regularly, I show up congruently, I show up. 

This has built trust amongst my followers and friends and it has built the trust in my competence.

The power of consistency

My friend Lisa, who’s also a colleague of mine, always says: “People are watching” and I think we underestimate how much people are watching. Oftentimes when it comes to our business, especially if we’re starting up something new, people will sit and watch you. They will want to see if you are going to stay consistent with what you’re doing. If you’re inconsistent with the kinds of messages that you deliver, if you’re inconsistent with how often you show up on social media, you are building a reputation as somebody who’s inconsistent

Whatever you are doing regularly, builds upon itself. So, if you decide to commit to being consistent, being on-brand, and being authentic regularly (not even every day) that will build over time.

Consistency Builds Confidence  

Consistency also builds confidence. It builds it in two ways. 

  1. The only way you get better at anything you do is to do it more often. There is no shortcut to mastering a skill other than doing it more consistently. So, if you want to get better at social media, if you want to get better at videos, if you want to be more authentic, if you want to create deeper connections, if you want to create more conversations, you have to do it more consistently. 
  2. Consistency builds confidence in the person watching on the other side. You are building a brand, so whether you want to or not, your activity is making an impression. If you keep showing up, people will build their confidence in you because they see you showing up and doing the work. 


Consistency Builds The Opportunity for Connections  

Consistency really helps build the opportunity for authentic connections. 

Social selling is a business of conversations. It’s a business of authentic connections. The more consistent you are on showing up, the more opportunities there will be for those conversations. We’re looking for our people that want what we have. That’s why we’re out there every day showing up consistently over time. 

I see social sellers posting regularly, but they’re not doing the second piece, which is looking for ways to get into authentic conversations and build real connections. I call it the “post and pray” strategy where people spend a lot of time on their posts, but then they’re not in the backend actually asking good questions and getting into good conversations. 


Consistency Builds a Sense of Congruence 

Oftentimes, we let ourselves down because we’re not matching up our actions to what we say we want. It’s an if-then equation: if you want to do this, then you do this. So, match up your activity to your goals! 


The number one commitment to your activities is showing up consistently. 


Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say. 





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