Magnetic Copy Writing Part 1: Hooks & Headlines
magnetic copy writing Hooks and Headlines_

This is a three-part series on magnetic copy and today I want to share with you my tips on how to create more magnetic copy when it comes to your social media content

As a journalism major by trade, I’ve been writing copy for my entire adult life and I love seeing how these principles translate to social media and how a really great copy and being intentional about what you’re writing, along with what you’re posting can really create authentic relationships, engagement, and opportunities for you. 

I want you to think about getting really intentional in your content, deciding that you are going to skill up in this area, and look at your content through the eyes of a marketer. So much of what we post on social media can be really personal, and when it doesn’t catch fire or create engagement, we can take that personally. I don’t want you to take any of this personally. Look at all your content through the eyes of “did that work, did that not work?” This way, you will continue to scale up and improve.

#14 Magnetic Copy writing Part 1 Hooks and Headlines

A Good Copy Has Three Main Elements

People aren’t reading social media, they’re scrolling social media. And even when they stop the scroll, they’re still scanning instead of reading. 

The number one thing that you’re trying to get people to do on social media is to stop scrolling. You need to create compelling content in as few words as possible and as easy to read as possible. 

There are three main components to every single copy:

  1. The hook aka the headline
  2. The body
  3. The call for engagement or call to action


Make sure that all of your copy follow that format.

Hook aka Headline 

I’m going to give you some of my favorite tips on how to create really engaging hooks or headlines. (and yes, I do have a freebie for you that you can get here)

When you are working on creating magnetic hooks and headlines, here is what you need to know:

  • Number one: use specificity. Give the reader a sense of what they’re going to read next. For example: my biggest secret, my three top tips, the number one reason you’re not (fill in the blank). You can also do this by using numbers, for example: five things you really need to know for magnetic content, three things you cannot miss for creating magnetic content. 
  • Number two: use action words. This is where words really matter. Use action words like: boost, save, improve, launch, achieve. You want to really use words that create some action in your text. 
  • Number three: use viral words. You want people to think that they have to get the information from you. That if they don’t read it right now, they might miss it. Here are some great viral words: surprising, hidden, secret, ninja tip, hack
  • Number four: use negative words to solve a problem. For example: the three worst mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them, the two biggest weaknesses that you can fix right now.
  • Number five: use urgency. Use words that create a sense of urgency, like: right now, before it’s too late, don’t wait.


The Framework 

Here are a couple of different ways that you can framework this to create a great hook. You can find more of these in my freebie. 

A great hook starter is to tell people “how”. Because value creates great content. You’re giving them value whether you’re entertaining them, educating them, connecting with them. You are going to teach them “how”. For example:  how I improved my social media content in five steps.

Next, create structure on your own content by quantifying it. For example my number one secret, the number one reason to create a great copy, get your solution in these five steps.

The final piece is to give them secrets, shortcuts, ninja tips, and tricks. People want to engage with people who are going to solve a problem for them. 

Lastly, let me just share this with you: the biggest mistake I see people make is that they are talking about themselves. The second mistake is that they aren’t being clear about who they’re talking about at all. 

So, I want you to really think about your target avatar, and how you’re serving them. That’s your whole purpose, to create enormous value for the people on the other side. You’re in business as a marketer. You’re here to provide value. 

Hopefully, this has sparked some curiosity in you and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

In the meantime, remember, you are magnetic and people are waiting to hear what you have to say.